Local tow company working with police to provide alternative to drunken driving

November 28, 2019
By Christine McCarthy, Boston 25 News
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CHELMSFORD, Mass. — The night before Thanksgiving is when police typically see an increase in drunk drivers on the road. That’s why one police department and a local business are working together to keep those numbers down.

Usually, when the tow truck pulls up it’s not a good time for the driver.

“The tow guy’s always the bad guy most the time,” said Christopher Ferreira, the owner of Christopher’s Towing.

But this holiday season this may be the tow you want to get.

Christopher’s Towing Service is working with Chelmsford Police to offer to those who’ve had too much to drink a safe alternative to getting behind the wheel.

“They call us, we come out, pick up the car, pick them up, drop them off, safe and sound,” Ferreira said.

The ‘Tow Drunk to Drive’ initiative was created a few years ago by the Chelmsford Police Athletic League, determined to make the roads safer over the holidays.

“The day before Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year is [when] we typically see an uptick in accidents or in incidents involved with alcohol and driving,” said Lt. Gary Hannagan of Chelmsford Police.

“I’ve seen a lot of accidents where a lot of people were hurt of all ages and that really sticks with you,” Ferreira added.

The way the program works is anyone who’s out in Chelmsford and under the influence between the day before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can get a free ride and tow of their vehicle to anywhere in the Merrimack Valley by calling Christopher’s Towing or police, no questions asked.

“This is for the person that goes out [and] had a few too many drinks, whether at a friend’s house or a restaurant, and makes a conscious decision that I’m not going to do the wrong thing,” Ferreira said.

A few dozen people have used the program over the years. Police hope that number only grows.

“If we’re saving one life out of those 50 calls, then it’s a win for us,” Lt. Hannagan said.

Christopher’s Towing picks up the bill for the tow and the Chelmsford Police Athletic League makes a donation to charity for every vehicle towed.

They’re also stressing the importance of the move over law, asking drivers to give space for first responders and tow operators to do their jobs without getting hit.