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Christopher’s Towing Named Best Lowell Towing Service

Christopher’s Towing was recently selected as the best Towing Service in the Lowell community in the annual Reader’s Choice awards by The Lowell Sun. The Sun highlights the best of the Lowell region with their annual tribute to the area’s finest. Readers weighed in by nominating and voting for their favorites in different categories. Christopher’s Towing was selected as the best Towing Service in the 2021 awards.

The Sun hosts its Readers’ Choice Awards for the Lowell and surrounding areas. Categories are vast and cover a wide range of things from the best electrician to automotive service repair, dentist and steak.

Voting lasts for about two to three weeks and then the votes are compiled and the first place winners are notified and listed within the special Winners tabloid. The full list of winners is also available online at We are so very excited for all of the 2021 winners and congratulate you all.

Christopher’s Towing Moves A Bridge

Christopher’s Towing helped Eagle Scout candidate Seth Rigby move a newly built pedestrian bridge from its pre-assembly site to the Crooked Spring creek crossing site in Chelmsford. The new bridge will provide access to the conservation area, off of the busy road.

The new bridge was transported and placed on its corner footings with only a little manual nudging needed! Eagle Scout candidate Seth Rigby also wished to thank the Conservation Commission for providing about half the funding needed, the Chelmsford Police for coming out to provide traffic control while the truck was doing its maneuvering, Not to mention all the Troop 74 and other project volunteers who came out and helped with construction and preparing the new bridge site.

Man hurt in Chelmsford snow-removal incident remains hospitalized

By AARON CURTIS | | Lowell Sun
PUBLISHED: December 21, 2020 at 1:38 p.m. | UPDATED: December 21, 2020 at 8:28 p.m.
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CHELMSFORD — The man seriously injured Saturday in an incident involving a small tractor-like piece of snow removal equipment remained hospitalized Monday, a spokesman for Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan said.

The man, who was not immediately identified by police, is employed by Romero’s Landscaping in Chelmsford, according to a Chelmsford Police Department press release.

Police said emergency responders were called to the alley behind a multi-unit commercial building at 2 Alpine Lane around 8:50 a.m. after receiving a call from a woman who said she heard a man yelling for help.

Police and firefighters found the man pinned between one of the arms of a skid-steer loader and one of its tires, police said. Chelmsford Fire Chief Gary Ryan stated in an email on Saturday the man was unresponsive when they found him.

“The patient was extricated from the machine and treated for serious trauma injuries,” Ryan said in the Saturday email. “The patient has been transported to a trauma hospital and no updates on his condition are available.”

Hours after the incident, Ryan took the time to thank Christopher Ferreira, of Christopher’s Towing, based in Chelmsford, for being on the spot to help free the victim from the loader.

“Right time, right place,” Ferreira said when reflecting on the incident on Sunday afternoon.

According to Ferreira, he was out with his two daughters when they drove up to the heavy emergency response on Alpine Street. Ferreira thought someone was possibly receiving medical aid inside the loader, but one of his daughters told him she saw someone who might be trapped.

Ferreira jumped out of his truck and made his way over to the scene where he witnessed the severity of the incident. According to Ferreira, he has knowledge and experience with operating the skid-steer loader involved. Explaining his knowledge of the loader to police and firefighters on scene, Ferreira was given a green light by the emergency responders to operate the loader, at which time he successfully freed the man.

“The fire department did a tremendous job from the time I got him out,” Ferreira said. “They started working on this guy, and got his pulse back.”

Ferreira expressed gratitude to emergency crews on scene for trusting him and giving him an opportunity to help out.

“I wish I could have done more for the guy and his family,” he said.

Police said the injured man was taken to Lowell General Hospital by Trinity EMS with the assistance of Lowell General Hospital Advanced Life Support Paramedics. From there he was flown by medical helicopter to Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Police announced on Saturday that a preliminary investigation of the incident suggested the man was operating the skid-steer loader by himself, with no other workers on site. Police also said Saturday a preliminary investigation suggested the incident was an accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded to the scene to assist police with the investigation.

Chelmsford Police Partner With Towing Company for “Tow Drunk to Drive” Program

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CHELMSFORD — Chief James Spinney is pleased to announce that the Chelmsford Police Department and the Chelmsford Police Athletic League are partnering with Christopher’s Towing Company for the second year in a row to offer free tows and rides to anyone who has had too much to drink during the holidays.chelmsford-tow

The initiative, called “Tow Drunk to Drive,” will run from Nov. 23 through Jan. 1. Day or night, residents can contact the Chelmsford Police Department or Christopher’s Towing Company, which will dispatch a truck to provide a free tow and ride to anywhere in the Merrimack Valley. Police would like to note that cars must be operable and residents will be taken home, not to another party or establishment.

The Chelmsford Police Athletic League will donate $20 to a worthy cause for every person who utilizes the “Tow Drunk to Drive” program.

“We at the Chelmsford Police Department would like to take a proactive step during this holiday season by offering residents a safe and convenient way to get home if they have been drinking,” Chief Spinney said. “We have zero tolerance for those who get behind the wheel while intoxicated, and hope to cut down on alcohol-related accidents and injuries while also giving back to the community through donations.”

For a free ride and tow for yourself or a friend, call Christopher’s Towing at 978-452-7433 or the Chelmsford Police Department at 978-256-2521.

Local tow company working with police to provide alternative to drunken driving

November 28, 2019
By Christine McCarthy, Boston 25 News
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CHELMSFORD, Mass. — The night before Thanksgiving is when police typically see an increase in drunk drivers on the road. That’s why one police department and a local business are working together to keep those numbers down.

Usually, when the tow truck pulls up it’s not a good time for the driver.

“The tow guy’s always the bad guy most the time,” said Christopher Ferreira, the owner of Christopher’s Towing.

But this holiday season this may be the tow you want to get.

Christopher’s Towing Service is working with Chelmsford Police to offer to those who’ve had too much to drink a safe alternative to getting behind the wheel.

“They call us, we come out, pick up the car, pick them up, drop them off, safe and sound,” Ferreira said.

The ‘Tow Drunk to Drive’ initiative was created a few years ago by the Chelmsford Police Athletic League, determined to make the roads safer over the holidays.

“The day before Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year is [when] we typically see an uptick in accidents or in incidents involved with alcohol and driving,” said Lt. Gary Hannagan of Chelmsford Police.

“I’ve seen a lot of accidents where a lot of people were hurt of all ages and that really sticks with you,” Ferreira added.

The way the program works is anyone who’s out in Chelmsford and under the influence between the day before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can get a free ride and tow of their vehicle to anywhere in the Merrimack Valley by calling Christopher’s Towing or police, no questions asked.

“This is for the person that goes out [and] had a few too many drinks, whether at a friend’s house or a restaurant, and makes a conscious decision that I’m not going to do the wrong thing,” Ferreira said.

A few dozen people have used the program over the years. Police hope that number only grows.

“If we’re saving one life out of those 50 calls, then it’s a win for us,” Lt. Hannagan said.

Christopher’s Towing picks up the bill for the tow and the Chelmsford Police Athletic League makes a donation to charity for every vehicle towed.

They’re also stressing the importance of the move over law, asking drivers to give space for first responders and tow operators to do their jobs without getting hit.

Stolen Car Pulled From Freeman Lake in Chelmsford

A stolen vehicle that was pulled out of Freeman Lake on Tuesday dangles from a wrecker used by Christopher’s Towing as Christopher Ferreira operates the truck. The car was spotted in the lake by a man who was using an underwater drone, according to police.

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April 3, 2019

CHELMSFORD — A car pulled out of Freeman Lake on Tuesday turned out to be a vehicle that was reported stolen in 2010, police say.

The submerged car was initially spotted by a man who was operating an underwater drone near the southeast portion of the lake at around 4:30 p.m., according to Chelmsford Police Deputy Chief Dan Ahern. The sedan was nearby a boat launch off Shore Drive.

After making the discovery in the murky water with his drone, the man contacted authorities.

The Lowell Fire Department Special Operations Response Unit dive team was called to the scene to ensure the vehicle did not contain a body.

“There was nothing in the car,” Ahern said. “So we towed the car out, cleared the scene.”

Andrew Ferreira, a 12-year-old who watched the car recovery process, said a pair of fish were found and removed from the vehicle by an employee of Christopher’s Towing shortly after the car was pulled out of the water. The fish were returned to Freeman Lake.

The stolen vehicle was placed on a flatbed truck and hauled from the scene roughly two hours after emergency crews arrived on scene.

The car appeared to be underwater for a lengthy period of times, having taken on green splotches of algae throughout it’s exterior.

Town Towing Contract with Christopher’s Towing Extended

Krista Perry, Patch Staff
Posted Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 12:42 pm ET
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The Board of Selectmen Monday night agreed to extend it towing contract with Christopher’s Towing.

That contract was entering its final year, said Town Manager Paul Cohen, and Christopher offered to extend the agreement with the town for an additional two years. Christopher’s Towing said it would increase the amount given to the town per car towed, from $50 to $55.

Cohen said $55 is much more than many other surrounding towns receive.

“Chief Murphy has no concerns and overall, the fee higher than surrounding communities. If we let it lapse then bid it out, I don’t know if they’d be willing to award that much. So we’d be looking to extend this contract for two years and then after that, go through the full bid process. The contract would expire June 30, 2015, with a $55 fee to the town per vehicle towed,” he said.

Selectman Pat Wojtas said she had no complaints about Christopher’s towing but said she wasn’t in favor of extending the contract right now.

“I think this is a surprise, with it coming up the way it is … I’d welcome them to bid when the time came but I would maintain that schedule,” she said.

Selectman Jim Lane said he supported the extension.

“This provider has not had any public safety issues, and we’d be locking in a higher rate, so I’d be in favor of that myself,” he said. “I haven’t heard one complaint and I think you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

During the board’s discussion, Ferreira’s Towing asked if an attorney could make a presentation to the board, but Selectmen Chairman Jon Kurland denied that request.

The town terminated its towing contract with Ferreira’s towing in 2010 after in which a tow truck’s brakes failed. The truck slid into the Best Western hotel and ruptured a gas line. Cohen also cited other vehicle inspection failures as reason for termination.

“There seems to be a consensus on this and I’m not convinced what anyone will say will change our minds. It’s a public safety issue … There is a history there and this individual does not have a history,” said Kurland.

Christopher’s Towing Helps Chelmsford Clean Up

Cub Scout pack 107 in Chelmsford participated in Town Wide Clean-up day by sprucing up the grounds of the Byam School. Many thanks to Community Tree for donating all the playground chips, Christopher’s Towing for donating his clean-up trailer with all the chainsaws, blowers and landscaping equipment and Agway for the playground sand. Over 20 cub scouts showed up to participate